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"Vocalist Gautam Tejas Ganeshan frees carnatic vocal virtuosity to access its angular outer reaches... An unflinching, intelligent intensity... Sophisticated technique and powerful repertoire."

- SF International Arts Festival

"Thoughtful, ecstatic vocal style... New music from an old tradition."


"Subversive... Affecting and bold... The violinist and mridangam players played off, mimicked, and seemed to challenge one another during the group's two-hour set, which also included free-form solos. At times Ganeshan seemed to be shaking his head in agreement..."

"A passionate singer who applies his knowledge of Indian carnatic music to the creation of new music. Although his performances reflect a traditional aesthetic, they express immediacy more than nostalgia."

"A magnet for local Indian classical musicians."

"Confusing & Fascinating..."

"Ganeshan shared five of his alluring sets of lyrics [with] vocal ornamentations, involving trills and glissandos... Ganeshan's instrument was neither strong nor showy, but rather eminently lyrical and supple, its dramatic impact bolstered by the singer's expressive use of his arms and hands. A local treasure... A unique act... "

"A stunning performer... There's something raw and immediate about the music."

"A dream... passionate, knowledgeable, mindblowing."

"An incredible presence... gentle renegade performance."

"Invoking the infinite... four hours of Carnatic music by Gautam and his band of South Indian musicians."

"Extra special."

"Blending tradition and innovation in song... a rich and evocative blend, implying a nonlinear sense of time... The ensemble was quite wonderful."

"Truly unique writing & singing. Built on a firm foundation of Carnatic music, but definitely a story of this place and this life. It's a blessing to experience his song and music filling the room on regular basis. It's a cleansing, enjoying experience. Very good vibrations, originating from serious practice, but delivered in humility and light heart."

"Carnatic music with distinction and an inimitable style... Rooted in an old tradition, Gautam sings mostly in English, opening up this classic Indian form to new audiences."

"Who are the raga nerds? ... Ganeshan is, doing vocal concerts in an innovative style."

"A reinterpreted South Indian musical tradition... A memorable evening."