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It's hard being a musician. It's fun, but it's hard. Especially producing recordings & films, which nobody really pays for anymore. And yet it's so much work - write the songs, book the gigs, cobble together the band, invite folks, hit record, sing my ass off, edit the footage, contemplate my flaws, upload for days, & voilà.

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Concert at Studio Grand
Sun. Jul. 24th in Oakland

pic from SFMOMA:

Gautam Tejas Ganesha invoking he infinite inside our soft structure! Come tomorrow for four hours of Carnatic music by Gautam and his band of South Indian musicians. Photo by @okayokay (Today's posts are by artist @chriskallmyer, part of his #sfmomatakeover during #ParadiseChoir, a Performance All Ages event at SFMOMA.)

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